The Permanent Representative of Somalia With WMO received Aviation’s instrument from ICPAC under the MESA project (Monitoring for Environment and Security in Africa) to improve access to Meteorological Services in particular for the Aviation Sectors. The Director General of the Ministry and Permanent Representative with WMO Eng. Omar Shurie has handed over the equipment to Somali Aviation and Meteorology Authority which in turn will be installed at Aden Abdulle International Airport in Mogadishu. Part of the equipment was handed over to Banadir University which also works closely with the Ministry on installation of hydrometric networks in South of Somalia. The project is part of our struggle to re-establish and improve our infrastructures and operational facilities and continue to enhance the capabilities of our institutional frameworks and stakeholder engagement. Implementing this kind of projects will enhance our services for managing existing and potential climate and weather related risks and to meet the challenge of coping with providing critical services and products in the face of changing climatic conditions. Nonetheless we are still in a dire need for more comprehensive sustained approach to modernization our institutions through national and regional development programmes. Financial assistance for our Ministry and particularly the DHMS will undeniably be required to address various issues relating to the strengthening of the infrastructure of our NHMS and the development of our capacities through education and training programs.