The Ministry of Energy and Water Resources of Somalia has received modern equipment supplied by the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) through IGAD-HYCOS project. On November 2015, a team consists of three persons from the department have participated a regional training workshop in installation, operation and maintenance of the supplied equipment that use the GSM/GPRS. WMO/IGAD-HYCOS equipment will be installed at selected stations along the Juba-Shabelle River stations by our trained experts along with Banadir University as soon as possible. The Ministry and the Banadir University had initially dispatched a team of surveyors to determine the best locations for the installation of the stream flow gauges (monitoring water levels, Turbidity, and pH) and climate stations (monitoring precipitation, temperature, relative humidity, wind speed, etc.) and meet officials from local authority. Subsequently, a protective housing for the first five Stations to prevent theft from locals was recently finished and the rest are due to be finished before the end of 1st quarter of 2016. Thus, we are now in our last phase of reinstating our hydrometric networks. Even though we are still in the face of the skeleton establishment in Somali’s NHMS, We will make sure that the on-going establishment of observation stations along our two perennial rivers of Juba and Shabelle meet the WMO standards. Previously, we requested WMO to send us expert/consultant to provide us basic training regarding on this issues.

afgoye project

Afgooye Meteorological Station is 30Km away from the Capital and part of IGAD/HYCOS Project



IGAD-hycos stations