WMO has identified a Consultant to develop a National Strategic Plan (NSP) for NHMS of Somalia

In consequence of civil conflict that the country had undergone, Somalia does not have a unified National Meteorological and Hydrological Services. The current existing meteorological services in the country are provided by volunteer organizations and institutions whose structures cannot be substituted for a National Service. As result, The World Meteorological Organization (WMO) is supporting the newly established National Hyro-meteorological and Monitoring Services (NHMS) of Somalia in the development of a National Strategic Plan. Therefore, WMO has identified a Consultant who will develop a NSP for NHMS of Somalia. The main task of consultant is to establish the current status and capacity needs of a Somalia unified NMHS. He will also support and provide guidance to the NMHSs in Somalia for the preparation and development of their National Strategic Plans for modernization of their services, taking into consideration relevant international, regional and sub-regional strategies as well as national development plans.
AMCOMET (African Ministerial Conference on Meteorology) commissioned the development of an integrated pan-African strategy on meteorology that represents a long-term vision on weather and climate services and reflects the political will of the region. The Integrated African Strategy on Meteorology (Weather and Climate Services) was endorsed by African Union Summit of Heads of State and Government in January 2013 and a subsequent Implementation and Resource Mobilization Plan was endorsed in February 2015 by the African Ministerial Conference on Meteorology (AMCOMET) in Praia, Cabo Verde.  AMCOMET is the intergovernmental authority that fosters political will to strengthen NMHSs to enable them to fully perform their roles as fundamental components of the national development infrastructure and a major contributor to economic and social development in Africa.